SQM is the world's largest producer of naturally derived nitrates

We produce sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate used as raw materials in a great number of industrial production processes and thermo-solar salts.

Who we are

SQM entered the industrial chemical business over 30 years ago, producing and selling 100% natural nitrates. These are used as raw materials in a great number of industrial production processes all over the world.

The highly refined nitrates are used in a wide variety of applications that are part of our everyday life. From glass manufacturing, metal treatment, recycling, to explosives for civil works. SQM has active customers in different businesses, therefore it has a good knowledge of the applications in which the industrial nitrates are used.

With access to vast, premium quality natural resources SQM creates products that meet its customers demanding specifications with the lowest environmental impact compared to any competitor.

As the leading producer and supplier of industrial nitrates and solar thermal salts, SQM tailors its solutions to drive results for its customers in demanding applications and industries. With a range of industrial applications, both old and new, SQM drives performance and delivers essential products.

On-time product delivery

Global sales network

Personalized local service

Free-flowing product

100% natural nitrates

Easy handling

Different packaging configurations

Produced with the lowest possible GHG emissions*

Different grades adjusted to each end-use

*NaNO3 (RoW): 4,482 tCO2/t
NaNO3 (RER): 3,287 tCO2/t
According to Ecoinvent 3.7.1 dataset documentation.

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